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Many thanks for your interest in AV Sensors Expo 2023! It was a fantastic in-person event with 340+ participants and we look forward to seeing you next year.

You can still register to access the recorded speaker presentations and slides in electronic format from AV Sensors Expo 2023. Please click here to register and then you’ll receive a link to download the event materials. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Jessica Ingram at

AV Sensors Expo 2023 is a unique in-person event focused on sensors for ADAS and AV applications. This two-day event will showcase 20+ sponsors and exhibitors in a convenient and comfortable networking setting. Additionally, 70-100+ OEM and Tier 1 representatives will be speaking, leading roundtable discussions, and attending throughout both days. Industry analysts will provide market overviews, trends, and highlights. The event is designed to optimize connections with automotive OEMs and Tier 1s suppliers. We'll have 300-350+ participants overall.

Exhibition and Conference Topics

  • Sensors for ADAS and automated vehicles
  • AI and ML in automotive sensing applications
  • Emerging trends with camera, radar, LIDAR, infrared, and ultrasonic sensing technologies
  • ADAS sensor fusion with advanced algorithms and computing power, connectivity and data transmission, contextual awareness and processing, and virtual sensors
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, industry regulations, and mandates
  • Expert reviews and analyses of state-of-the-art ADAS and AV technologies
  • Software for AI data processing
  • Emerging data processing techniques and algorithms
  • Government policy effects, regulatory compliance, security
  • Technology transfer, ecosystems and research hubs, company formation
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • Engineering leaders
  • Engineering managers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • Industry analysts
  • Investors
  • Purchasing managers
  • Sensors and electronics consultants

Event Location

The Henry Hotel
300 Town Center Drive
Dearborn, MI 48126

Hotel Information

The expo and reception will be held at The Henry, Autograph Collection.

To reserve a hotel guest room online, please click here. You can also call in your reservation directly to 888-709-8081. If you need any assistance with making your reservation, please reach out to Jessica Ingram at

The Henry Hotel is approximately 15 miles from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Here are two recommended taxi services:

Metro Cars: 800-456-1701 |
Aristocrat Transportation: 586-584-0700 |

Prior Participating Companies

(from the Automotive LIDAR 2020-2022 events)

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“The AV Sensors Expo 2023 was one of the most significant events for our business to attend. For me personally, it was a great way to learn about the latest trends and network with industry experts.  The event widens the opportunities for partnerships and provides valuable information about new technologies and global ecosystem.  It is an awesome platform for the industry and professionals that gives a wide exposure for both attendees and exhibitors. I especially liked the roundtable discussions where you can listen to personal opinions of market leaders and top-level engineers and get answers to your questions. We certainly would like to have a booth next year to share products and solutions with all attendees and get their opinions.”
Nelly Soudakova, General Manager -- Dexerials

“Attending the AV Sensors Expo 2023 was an incredible experience.  The conference was well-organized and informative, and the speakers were experts in their respective fields.  I learned about the latest advancements in sensor technology and made valuable connections with other professionals in the industry.”
Matheus De Almeida, ML Engineer -- Mitsubishi Electric

"The AV Sensors Expo 2023, one of the first in-person auto industry events after the pandemic-hiatus, turned out to be both fun and informative. The presentations and the attendees represented a nice cross-section of the ecosystem. The roundtable discussion format was interesting and allowed a more structured professional exchange. Great job!"
Partha Goswami, Fellow and Sr. Manager -- General Motors

“AV Sensors Expo 2023 showcased highly curated speakers that blended technology and business beautifully. There were very engaging roundtable discussions where all voices were heard. It was a wonderful format for the event with vendors, roundtables, and speakers all in the same room, making it a great networking and information sharing event. Great to be back in person!”
Wade Appelman, CMO -- Owl Autonomous Imaging

“Excellent work on the AV Sensors Expo 2023. The event provided comprehensive insight into the current state of the market. The roundtable format introduced a refreshing twist to the traditional in-person conference experience. This highlights the commendable adaptability of Microtech Ventures, which has consistently demonstrated a willingness to evolve and adjust, as exemplified by their exemplary response during the peak of the pandemic.”
Dan Nawrocki, Director of Business and Technical Development--Kayaku

“Thank you for providing us with this amazing opportunity to attend AV Sensors Expo 2023. My team and I had the opportunity to interact with many engineers and leaders in the sensors industry. It was a great chance to build our North America network and gain prototype request. There was also a lot of information that we were able to bring back to Japan to share with our technical team. We will definitely be at the next one in 2024.”
Brandon Virgo, Global Marketing and Sales -- Mitsuya Japan

“AV Sensors Expo 2023 presents a unique and highly valuable opportunity to meet and network with people across the automotive industry. The presentations are of the highest quality and give great insight into what is happening within the industry, while roundtable discussions facilitate interaction between leading OEMs, new start-ups, and industry analysts.”
James Jeffs, Technology Analyst -- IDTechEx

“AV Sensors Expo 2023 showcased both depth and breadth across presentations, roundtable discussions, and conversations with attendees I crossed paths with. In rapidly evolving technology spaces like automated and autonomous driving, it is critical to understand the sensors and technologies supporting current and future deployments, and the conference served as a hub to discuss these trends and innovations with experts and attendees across the supply chain.”
Brock Walquist, Sr. Analyst -- S&P Global

“I was satisfied with AV Sensors Expo 2023 during its show and had a productive time with potential clients. Through this show, I was able to meet major customers and learn more about automotive industry also. Especially, Jessica Ingram, who is the Senior Events Manager, was very helpful for us to handle our exhibition materials and everything was delivered well due to her effort. With AV Sensors Expo 2023 advantages and the staffs' effort, we are willing to participate this exhibition again.”
Scott Han, Senior Manager -- AutoL

“Kudos to Microtech Ventures for AV Sensors Expo 2023! An agenda focused on the state-of-the-art in ADAS and autonomous driving sensors and related topics attracted the right mix of industry stakeholders for informative talks and in-depth discussions. The conference format encouraged close interaction and open conversation among participants.”
Sunil Kamath, Business Development -- Opsys Tech

“Vueron found the event quite beneficial in terms of meeting and engaging with the right people responsible for ADAS and already we're following up on a number of valuable leads. The combined presenter/booth setting made it easy to reach out and talk with almost everyone attending. Additionally, we were able to schedule a number of test vehicle demonstrations as we met. I'd highly recommend this conference if your aim is to target automotive and ADAS industry contacts.”
Dennis Darrow, Advisor -- Vueron

"Microtech Ventures continues to hold the best-in-class events with an excellent mix of technical talks, commercial applications, and live demos. Looking forward to attending future events.”
Amit Mehta, VP of Business Development -- NODAR

“I would like to take a second out of my day to express a heartfelt thank you to the AV Sensors Expo 2023 event team -- it was like no other event! Everything was amazing. The number of thought leaders and experts in one area was second to none. I really enjoyed the presentations -- they were very comprehensive -- and the event format of presentations and roundtable discussions were thought-challenging and provoking. I learned a lot from the event and saw that I was not alone in my development and testing challenges. I would suggest this event to anyone that is actively engaged with advanced technology development. This is the event to be at for ADAS and autonomous vehicle development.”
Jeff Warra, Chief Commercial Officer -- Technica Engineering

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the opportunity to participate in this event. Specifically, the topic I was asked to speak about (“AV Sensors and Adverse Weather Conditions”) is of critical importance to the industry. The event itself was an excellent opportunity to make connections with professionals in the field, learn about cutting-edge AV sensor technology, and stay on top of the latest trends. The expo was incredibly well-organized and the diverse range of topics covered ensured that there was something for everyone. Overall, I would highly recommend the AV Sensor Expo to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of AV sensors technology and connect with others in the industry.”
Leonid Tikh, Engineering Senior Principal, Autonomous System Lead -- BAE Systems

“I really enjoyed attending AV Sensors Expo 2023; it was a great live event and an opportunity to learn about the market trends in autonomous vehicles, LIDAR, radar, camera, and inertial sensor technology. Good to network with industry leaders during the round table discussions. Looking forward to next year's event!”
Doug Sparks, President -- M2N Technologies

“This conference allowed analysts to articulate the missing pieces in the AV sensor landscape, the providers to present their solutions, and the ability for all participants to meet and share ideas and connect.”
Glen Fitzpatrick, Sr. Technical Advisor -- Teledyne

“I always learn new things from Microtech Ventures' events even though I attend every year. This is now my go-to expo to learn about current and future technologies and trends for AVs. Roundtable discussions were a great way to engage with all types of attendees. It is well organized event, and it's worth every penny to attend this event. Excellent!!”
Hiro Masumoto, Business Development Manager -- Sekisui

“You come to conferences to learn about what's going on in the industry and to have interesting discussions with other attendees. The AV Sensors Expo 2023 hit that with interesting industry overviews from analysts, technology from other companies in this space, and roundtable discussions that help break the ice and facilitate conversations with others. It was definitely worthwhile.”
Alistair Adams, Sr. Product Manager -- Swift Navigation

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